Yanathorn Magnetic Co., Ltd. stands as an exceptional partner in providing comprehensive advisory services across various facets of our magnetic solutions. These services include guiding customers through the selection and application of our wide range of magnets and magnetic tools to meet their specific needs. Our seasoned experts also provide insightful advice on the installation, use, and maintenance of our products, ensuring optimal functionality and longevity. This hands-on guidance is instrumental in helping our customers maximize the value and efficiency of their magnetic systems.

On-Site Services

Additionally, we offer specialized on-site services for measurement and inspection. These encompass magnetic force measurements, critical for industries like food processing and pharmaceuticals to ensure product safety and compliance. Our dedicated team conducts meticulous pole checking, troubleshooting, and repair work, and extends regular preventive maintenance visits. These on-site services are designed to maintain operational continuity, minimize downtime, and safeguard the long-term performance and integrity of our magnetic product.


Tel: 087-005-2002

Line Official: YM2002

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9 Kheha Rom Klao 72 Alley, Lane 3, Saphan Sung, 

Bangkok 10240

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